What Is Bulimia and Bulimia Definition?

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However thin they are there are some people who will want to become even thinner. If it is not possible to do this just by eating less, then they will look for other ways to do it. After eating a lot of people have found out that they can make themselves sick and this will remove everything they have just eaten from their body. Often they will not eat much for a number of days and then when they are really hungry will eat far too much and then get rid of it. They may feel that this is something they are doing alone but in fact there are people all over the world who suffer from bulimia. So, what is bulimia and what is the bulimia definition. Bulimia is the name given to the condition where this act of vomiting is happening regularly and the definition is an illness that mainly affects girls and women and leads them to eat an excessive amount of food before vomiting it back up.

Bulimia Facts and Bulimia Tips

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As with all eating disorders, one of the bulimia facts is that covers both the person's opinion of their own body and also their opinion of food. There is a more pronounced fear of being overweight and as such the amount of food and the type of food will be carefully chosen. Even when it is salad and vegetables, vomiting will still occur to get rid of it. It is also a fact that most of the time this is carried out without anyone else knowing. The secret has been discovered when someone has been careless and not fully disposed of the vomit as it is not always possible to do this in a toilet. If there is someone you think is doing this there are some bulimia tips to look out for. Does the person seem to eat very little when you are around? Do they disappear as soon as they have finished eating and do they seem to spend a lot on food yet not eat it? Do they seem obsessed with how they look, and do they have marks on their hands – this will be caused by pushing their fingers down the throat and the teeth may catch their knuckles.

Anoressia e Bulimia and Bulimia Sintomas

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The main bulimia sintomas have already been mentioned as they are eating too much and purging. For women it could mean that they are unnaturally thin and may find that they no longer have periods. If you feel that you are suffering from this or someone you know is, then the best thing to do is to go to the doctor. It is very likely that there will be denial as all that matters is losing weight so the means are less important than the ends. The actions will not be seen as wrong, but just a way to achieve or keep the figure that is required. Anoressia e bulimia are recognized as serious conditions and treatment is advancing, although there is not yet a cure.

Symptoms of Bulimia

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When it comes to the symptoms of bulimia, there are considered to be different sets. One set is physiological and the others are behavioural, but each plays an important part in the illness. Weight will not be an issue as there will be some sufferers who are underweight, some overweight and others the correct rate for their height. It will be by looking at their face that the clues can be found. Glands will swell leaving the face looking puffy and the veins under the eyes can appear to be broken. There is bound to be a sore throat as a result of the fingers scrapping it when inducing vomiting, plus there will be the burning sensations as the stomach acid comes up with the food. As little is taken in by way of calories, the person will be tired and teeth will begin to decay – again the stomach acid will be the cause. Probably the worst symptom will be the risk of a heart attack. Behavioural symptoms have been listed before, secret eating, visits to the bathroom and often the use of laxatives.

Bulimia nerviosa and Bulimia Treatment

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Bulimia treatment will be effective but it is not going to be a quick process. Firstly there will be cognitive behavioural treatment where the sufferer discusses their life with a therapist and they attempt to work out what it is that has caused the issue and what needs to be done to solve it. Often a food diary will be kept and it is only by seeing what is being eaten that the recovery may occur. Further meetings with therapists may be required and this will move away from feelings about food and cover more of the general feelings about day to day life. It will often be as a result of the death of someone close that will lead to this as the belief is that by having someone to talk to when you feel at your lowest, you will not turn to food and then vomiting. It could be that medication will be needed and anti depressants are needed and Prozac tends to be the first choice of many doctors. This is not an immediate solution and there should be treatment as well until the tablets begin to work. Under some circumstances a hospital stay will be required, but this tends to be if there are fears that there will be self harm.

Bulimia Nervosa

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In short, bulimia nervosa is not a pleasant condition to suffer from, but if caught early enough there are ways to treat is and it is possible to go on to have a fulfilling life. The symptoms can be obvious although it is worth noting that some bulimics are secretive and will do all that they can to hide what they are doing. Although women are most likely to be the gender that will succumb to this, there are many cases of boys and men going down this route and their lives are just as much at risk.